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League of Legends and Summoner's Rift is no longer canon, so who are we and why are darius and garen fighting against lux? Nothing makes sense anymore and the game play is just a glorified mobile game, I'm a bit sad that I switched to Dota 2, but I'm more happy that I had fun with the game play. In this riot game, my "teammates" aren't even trying to win most of the time, it's not about the enemy nexus anymore, or skill with your abilities in fights. It's about the next skin line to be released and shoved down your throat. Items are so bland that they feel like one good idea stretched out beyond what it originally was. Lore used to be the best thing about the game, but now as the new characters you can play are released, the characters you play as/against won't shut the fuck up. I play the game with the master volume muted now. Matchmaking is terrible there are trolls in every ELO now not just in the low ELO. Point of the matter is, i've waited out too long expecting the game to get better. It did very little right, and in the end they used the game we all knew and loved to dig deep into player wallets and settle their office gender discrimination lawsuit for 10 million dollars. (( The League of Legends we all came to is gone (literally in lore too apparently the Institute of war just up and fucking vanished from history lmao), stop piggy back riding off a good games name. boo!
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