So I was playing this new Sion strat that I saw and I won one out of 3 games with it. In my last game I got reported for "inting" when I clearly said I was intentionally killing myself and it was just a bad game. I was 1/16 and I know its a horrible score, but I NEVER in league of legends go that nasty score. One game I play this type of Sion and BOOM, instantly banned. Riot Maple said in a Reddit post that this type of ban wasn't going to be punished because its sort of a game strategy of some sort that we don't have enough info about. Here is the link: I lost my Honor Level so I wont get my rewards for playing bad ONE GAME. Does that mean that League of Legends has a specific K/D ratio to get banned? If I go 1/16 for any reason, will I get banned? How can I get help in this situation? Thanks in advance.

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