Honor level 4 chat restrictions?

I WAS honor level 4 yes WAS and many of us know how hard that was to even get to begin with. I had one bad game where I went 0/14/1 in NORMALS YES IT WAS NORMALS and the stuff I typed wasnt even that bad I wasnt calling people directly to them "bad" or "worthless garbage" I was simply saying "if you did x better we could of done y and won" and got chat restricted and my account FROM HONOR LEVEL 4 DOWN TO HONOR LEVEL 1 LOCKED. So now I wont get the aatrox skin. Not like the skin meant anything anyway riot wants aatrox gutted and worthless so whats the point. Edit: The Point is, is that there is ZERO reason to have a leveling honor system if it is just gonna put you down to the lowest honor NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE on your first offense.
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