Saw Godzilla the other day (spoilers)

Was looking forward to it. It wasn't that great. Oh boy. The people for the most part weren't that interesting; I just couldn't find myself caring about most of the people and wanted some of them to die so I wouldn't see their characters anymore. The male lead is a gary sue. The writing was bad and the casting curious. There's a plot twist that is kinda lame. I was constantly reminded I was watching a movie; there was deus ex machina and obvious plot devices out the wazoo and jump scares I saw coming a mile away. Worst part about it is that they kept cutting away from the monster battles to focus on the people. Imagine you are watching MMA, a boxing match, or wrestlemania and your SO decides now is the time to grab the remote to watch hallmark and you two are fighting over what to watch: that was how the big set pieces played out in this movie. Two minutes of wrestlemania, two minutes of hallmark, repeat. Also, why do people and giant monsters have to keep making eye contact in the movie? Why can't american's get godzilla right?
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