I need help in matches against Kayle

**** > **Just an FYI:** This is not in any way meant to be a rant or complaint-oriented thread. I'm open to any and all suggestions because I recently lost due to this. **** I'm not really sure what I'm supposed to do against a Kayle. I do know the whole "she's weak early, strong late" deal, but what exactly do I do _if she does reach 16+_? Kayle becomes a monster at that point, even more so if she has **Lethal Tempo**. To start, I'll just list off the things I know or at least think are the correct things to do against a Kayle and if you could add to it or point out the things that are wrong, that'd be pretty helpful. - For most melees, don't engage in prolonged combat with Kayle at level 1 because of her **Passive** - Try to zone her away from minions early to prevent her from stacking her **Passive** - Work with your ally jungler to abuse Kayle's weaker early game and try to put her as far behind as possible - Kayle cannot attack if her **ultimate** is cast on herself so you can use this moment to plan your next moves - Try to avoid extended fights against Kayle because of her **Passive** - Keep a constant eye on her levels as Kayle gains massive power buffs in levels 6 > 11 > 16, the most dangerous transformation being the last - Save hard CC abilities for when Kayle's health bar is near your kill range. Kayle cannot cast her ultimate during a stun or knock up so bursting her down in that moment can save a lot of trouble. **** After all this, the only one that works guaranteed on all levels is the last one and even then, there are a lot of _ifs_ and _buts_ that can make it go wrong so it's not really a sure-fire strategy. Extended fights or not, after level 16 it doesn't matter what you do. She has permanently unlocked her ranged aoe mode so your best bet is to either kill her instantly or work with CC to do so.
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