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I'm trying to figure out how to finish getting tokens for Prestige KD/A Akali skin, as I'm not receiving any more from wins/losses of Nexus Blitz. This doesn't make sense to me as these items remain in the store until January 21st, but a friend told me today that tokens are unavailable after January 7th. This makes absolutely no sense. I've been playing Nexus Blitz almost every day with the Snowdown pass that I bought (specifically to grind for the skin). I have exactly 1500 total, I haven't spent a single one, and now I only need 300 tokens to craft the skin. Can someone please tell me how I can finish getting 300 tokens to acquire the skin? I'm willing to buy a loot pack or spend the other $20 USD but I don't see the options in the store either. If I grinded 1500 tokens for nothing I'm going to be really, really ticked. These tokens should be available until January 21st to acquire. EDIT: UPDATE, My dilemma has been solved. I contacted Riot Customer Support and explained the situation. If you are in a similar situation it may worth your time to contact them and see what options they have available. I was able to purchase a Bundle after they were removed from shop, but they likely won't be available too much longer. Cheers!
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