( Prove Me Wrong ) Your promotional game shouldn't count as a loss if a non premade doesn't connect

So if someone in champ select says my PC keeps crashing, I'm lagging, I'm running it down mid, or my ping is so high right now for some reason I am not allowed to dodge but have to accept my fate and lose and then drop down to 68 LP if it then repeats twice I have heard many people say things like " Why can't I dodge in promos Riot? " but then realize that people would simply leave everytime they do not get over the top winrate teammates on their side to influence the outcome of the matches Simply asking for 1 permitted dodge that does not count as a loss if you enter your series / promos, give it a rank threshhold, a season restriction, test trial period, or a 10 ~ 12 minute queue time penalty I don't see any flaws in my logic, do you?
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