Many complain about inting but few lived through the ProAddict era

For all of the newer players who have no idea what I'm talking about...This guy made it to plat when it was all over I believe. It became a community challenge to win games with the dude because it meant if you could carry him you could carry anything. Is inting okay? No. Is someone who ints the end of the world? No. I promise every game is winnable even when it seems like it's not. People get cocky, make mistakes, and underestimate people all the time. So let's all calm down, breath, and just go back to focusing on what we can do for ourselves to help our team other than just flat out reporting and flaming people while not trying to actively win the game. I've won games that were 4v5s even 3v5s in ranked because I just did my supportly duty and kept people as safe as I could.
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