i think all the men complaining about riot not including men being "sexism" are extremely stupid. men have had more opportunitys in pretty much everything then woman have, so one event NOT including men isn't gonna kill us. but no if men aren't including in everything (like they already are) then clearly it must be those pesty SJWS SOMETHING SAFE SPACE SOMETHING WITCH HUNT. and some people are saying "well what if it was reverse!!!" well it is/was. woman weren't allowed to vote or own property for a long time. and black people were victims of segregation and still are in some places. woman also get payed less and tend to get less work then men even if they both have the same quality just because one of them is a woman. one event not including men isn't gonna be the end of the world. also before you downvote me, remember downvoting something means then you disagree with it meaning then downvoting everything you disagree with clearly means the forum is a SAFE SPACE OHHH and everyone hates that right?
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