The men in this game don't have curves.

I am a 25 year old, 6', 165lb male. I have a butt. When I wear cloth, loose or fitted clothing, I have buldge. Yes, I'm heterosexual. So why would I be worried about men's butts and bulges in a video game? Answer: Equality It's too many times I've been banned from Facebook, Instagram for posting a picture in basketball shorts or sweatpants, meanwhile you have women completely nude with a see-through ("sheer") dress with every woman detail clearly visible. You report these photos just to see what'll happen, only to find out that somehow they're not in violation of policies. An Eve cosplayer with **ONLY** body paint is acceptable on Facebook and Instagram, but Muay Thai Lee Sin is a violation of terms. Let's put some equality in our games. I'm not saying go to Saint's Row levels of shenanigans, but male character models could use a little more attention to detail in the gaming industry.
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