Revert Ezreal W

Before you downvote or say that I'm trolling please read what I have to say. I think that Ezreal W was MUCH better before. Old W gave everything you could want and was ezreals only unique ability (q boring old skillshot, e literally just a flash) but w was special and made him fun. It gave aoe dmg which helped since the rest of his kit was single target except his r but u cant use r in a teamfight usually, when aoe matters most. It also slowed attack speed and gave attack speed. Ez could use an advanced combo with eing into his w to get the attack speed for himself or buff teamates. It was such a diverse ability and extremely versatile. New ez w is just another lame skillshot, basically another q, you throw it out it does some damage. "oh but it still has combos because you have to proc it. Ok well you can just auto or hit them with anything, theres no thinking or skill to his combo, just shoot every projectlile at once. If you think new w is better and you can PROVE it please leave a comment
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