Take a look at the HORRIBLE new Forum Design Riot implemented in Brazil

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_**SPOILER: DOWNVOTES DON'T EXIST ANY LONGER. YOU'RE JUST ABLE TO GIVE POSITIVE FEEDBACK. **_ This is the main page we Brazillians have seen for the last couple of months. And I absolutely HATE it. The tiny "Posts com mais GG" area on the right corner is the ONLY one in this image with player-made content. The three big images on the top/center are riot-made content hyperlinks. The big flat image on the top is just a "welcome to the forum" image. And those big ""topics"" on the left are just the forum areas. Summing up, less of 10% of the new forum design initial page is reserved to community-made content. The Brazillian forum was VERY active, maybe even more than NA one. And now it is totally flopped. It seems that, for Riot, what matter the most is the content THEY think is relevant about the game, not the one WE, the community want to talk about. PS- There's no such thing as "Boards" with most discussed stuff anymore. The new "GG" system is unclear and just the 5~10 topics with more "GG"'s are displayed in the main page. PS2- Probably they will try to implement it in the rest of the world if we don't stand against it. BR has no power to go back to the old boards. PS3- https://forum.br.leagueoflegends.com/ Here's the link to the new forum. _**THE WORST OF ALL IS THAT WE DON'T HAVE DOWNVOTES ANYMORE. 'GG'S IS THE ONLY REACTION NOW**_
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