Im in a doubt, should i get Ezreal in S7?!

Hey guys, i'm really in a doubt.. I'm planning on buying Ezreal since the minute i saw him in action BUT i need some answers from more skilled players (best if u own the champ and have him on lvl5 cuz thats how i know you know how to play him with your eyes closed). Long story short here are my questions: 1: Do you think he is a good carry, so you would be able to carry your team toward a win? 2: What is the best lane (for farming and occasional kill)? P.s. i saw him being played both Top, JG, Mid and Bot.. 3: I see many people play Blue Build, is that still good or is there a new meta? 4: i'm kinda new to LOL (2-3) months but i have over 4k hours on dota so i know the mechanics of the game wich are similar, so my question is, is he the kind of champion that requires to stay full back in teamfights and spam abilities or he has a potential to initiate, get a kill and continue to burst? 5: Any tips non-related to this tread, how the f**k do i carry my whole team, i mean, with what champion, who has that potential? (P.s. Im on a way to silver V since i cant get somone who doesnt troll, is a 12yr old or with a lack of skill) Thanks for the answers in advance, hope you give me good and truthfull answers!
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