All of cowseps accounts banned by riot Korea after he exposes korean toxicity. > > Basically KR Server manually banned all of his accounts after he called them out for the KR report system being non-existent (which is absolutely true, I've played on the Korean servers for months). They basically tried to PROVE COWSEP WRONG that he can get banned on the KR server. Now this is funny because the MOST TOXIC people on the KR server don't get banned because the report system doesn't exist lol. You'd be lucky to get chat-restricted on the KR server for spamming Korean or English curse words. I really hope that this honestly fires up the issue and Riot KR learn a lesson from this to solve their toxicity issue. **EDIT: ** Top korean responses on Inven: **TRANSLATIONS** "Riot Korea finally did something right" "Cowsep is the guy who ignores every single ping and goes machete>zeal>infinity edge on Tryndamere" "Cowsep acts like he's the fucking victim and spreading rumours like Koreans are all racists. and yankees on reddit are jerking off on how former TSM coach said Koreans are all extreme nationalists is actually not false. Riot Korea may not the best company around but can't side Cowsep on this one" > rumours like Koreans are all racists. Followed with... > yankees on reddit Mhm... Yankee : The word is a derogatory term used to describe Americans by the Brits, Canadians, Australians I mostly expect riot to ignore this and wait for it to go away, but lets rage anyways :) Also am I the only one that think its insane all this happened because of a some random dude posted something on the boards, which ended up being completely false? Lol. ** EDIT 2** I found saw this image on reddit and yep its perfect here. "someone exposed me for doing something wrong? better ban them" **EDIT 3** South Korea was named one of the least tolerant countries in 2014, especially towards black colored people. “more than 1 in 3 South Koreans said they do not want a neighbor of a different race". In 2017 there was a jump in xenophobia towards other nations, especially towards the USA. Perhaps the reason Riot Korea refuses to try and fix the problem, is because its to big of a problem for them to fix? Or there racists themselves. Hard to tell tbh. Edit 4: Rioter response on reddit (That forum they spend more time on than there own) > I've just spoke with folks in Riot Korea. As you shout out, these penalties are totally in line with policy, but wowza that timing. What happened is that you did get a look after last week's post and got hit because the rules are the rules. So for this one, we won't be lifting the penalties. It's not retaliatory, it's just kinda thoughtless. tl;dr no one thought about how it would look. > > I've got absolutely zero delusions that PB systems work perfectly in Korea (or anywhere else). There are real gaps in our systems that we're working on. > and here is cowseps response to the rioter: > his is total bullshit and you know it. This is definitely a retaliatory ban. > > You claim that Riot Korea took a look at my history because of the post. You acknowledge they know of the post and what I'm accusing. > > However in my post I very clearly show video evidence of a player that is being blatantly racist to me, and locks in mid Rammus with Cleanse Ghost. Even a PRO PLAYER IN MY GAME is begging him not to int. The video evidence is in the post that Riot Korea is banning me for. > > This player was not banned. He is still playing, here is his > > > > Are you saying that Riot Korea thinks racism is acceptable but the minor infractions I did warrant them to go in and manually ban 6 of my accounts? Surely they can manually ban the racist guy in my post too. > > > > I have other examples of Riot Korean player behavior people TOTALLY dropping the ball. Search Elave. You're welcome. > > Have a great day and thanks for the laugh, Kyle. > > Cowsep
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