how do you climb? (honestly)

it seems more often than not (around 78% of the time), there is 3-4 people on my team who just do horrible (like 0/6 at 5mins, or 0/11 by end of game horrible now first before people start saying you suck, get guud, etc, know that im not great but seriously asking, how are you supposed to climb when over 75% of my games its me vs 5 others, seemingly alone, while they feed em.... is it all starting a new account and getting lucky or something? im genuinely curious because i dont know, all i can go by is what i see, and i see literally the same things every game -nobody listens to pings -even if you explain why its a bad idea they will continue to do it -constantly seems like me vs 2 or me vs 4 -3/4 of my teammates go super negative more often than not my question i guess is, how am i supposed to 1v5 a bunch of people with like 11 kills who probably counter me champion wise and/or im fighting 4 people while my team is inting? im genuinely curious, the highest ive ever been ranked on an account is gold, and that account (before it was banned) i got 10 afks in my first 8 placement games.....just let that sink in for a second, i had an afk on my team every game, for my first 8 placements.....except 2 of those 8 games.....where i had 2 afks on my team.... is this luck based or? is there something glaring that im missing thats making my teammates be so......ya? again i am NOT GOOD, im just 20x better than the people on my team going 0/11 who wont listen to either pings,reason,scoreboard, or basic english =/ please help {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
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