How Lane Swaps can win games

Hello everyone, This is a live stream commentary from a game that we were about to lose due to a hard countered lane. For those that don't have 9 minutes to spare our top laner was getting crushed by his lane opponent and the jungler trying to help him didn't make things any better. A lane swap between the top laner and mid laner ended up saving the game allowing our former top laner to farm up a large amount of cs in a less painful lane until he made the game winning play 40 minutes into the game. The key take away here is if you ever find yourself being destroyed in lane consider asking your allies to swap with you if you think you can do better in another lane. And conversely if you find an ally getting wrecked in lane consider asking them if they want to swap with you. One lane swap can have a large influence on the outcome of the game. The counter for the other team of course is to swap lanes to maintain their advantageous matchups and the game essentially boils down to which team has a greater sense of teamwork trying to get favourable lanes.
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