Positional Ranked Hurts!

Hi, im a jungle main and I believe this positional ranked system is hurting my climb. I have only played one provisional game on top (which would have been better to not play) and it has my rank at silver 1. My jungle rank is currently gold 3 and I only get 18-20 lp per win (usually 18/19) and then it splashes 3 over to top lane provisional rank. I do not intend to finish my top ranked games and yet lp is going to this rank. The rank I want to climb with is constantly missing promotion series by a few lp because I am not getting the lp I used to get before I played a top game. I wish I never played that game of top because now im getting less lp and worse mmr teammates when I am in a higher rank. Before playing the game of top I would get 23+ lp on jungle now I get around 18/19lp. I find myself constantly needing less than one games worth of lp to advance to promotion but would rather play my main role and not be forced to play a role I dont play and have less of a chance of winning in. Not to mention that it seems like most important games to get to promotion or in promotion have games where the matchmaking seems very messed up. Take for example this game I just played last night. https://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/NA1/2985116961/231155471?tab=overview I had a silver 1 top laner on my team go up against a plat 4 1.4 mill mastery point riven main. The games are totally unbalanced and this is just one example of the many mismatched elo games I have played this season. Please Riot, I love this game but the climb seems so hard right now. Especially for players who take pride in one role and want to excel in that role rather than be forced to play others. Thank you!
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