I Actually Support My Brother Daniel Z. Klein's Decision

The guy is right. There is a sexism problem and its very widespread. There are also many other problems, but trying to tackle one is better than tackling none. There are men here who post here pretending to be females to keep the unjust status quo. The thing is you can justify anything without having to pretend to be a women - I learned this shit back in high school like 10yrs ago when I wrote an essay trying to justify dictatorship (that you can't dispute even to this day if I were to bring it up). American white slave owners tried to justify why it was ok for them to enslave black people pre-American Civil War. Hitler tried to justify genocide against Jews in the Holocaust. The Hutus tried to justify their genocidal behavior committed against the Tutsis in the Rwandan Genocide. The Alt-Right with their angry white male sexual entitlement beliefs tries to justify why they're allowed to treat asian women as sex slaves. **Again, you can justify anything, but when what you're trying to justify is denying the acknowledgement of a problem such as the oppressive behavior females in the gaming community have to deal with, then don't deny you're actually condoning it. ** There's really no arguing against the decision made at PAX. From what I've read, there were experiences Daniel had which made him feel strongly enough about the decision made and thats his justification for it. In fact, the recent Madden event where a shooting happened should have been brought up because it was done by someone who felt he was entitled to things and that he was unjustly denied it. Imagine if it was done by a female gamer. Imagine if it was in an NA LCS game where she says shes doing it because she felt she was one of the better players and that she was denied to participate simply because she was a female gamer. As much as I don't like Riot Games cause I feel their hiring practices in certain levels are kind of... BS, I wouldn't want anything unjust to happen. To the male gamers who say they will boycott League of Legends over this issue, I'll call you an idiot who should also boycott Microsoft products as well cause [every major company does this](https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/diversity/inside-microsoft/women-at-microsoft/default.aspx). Microsoft knew this since way back when Windows was first being created and a female engineer suggested that there be a sound feedback for the human user such as when you click to close a window. In fact, I'm disturbed it took Riot Games 8yrs to even get to this point thats been around for... 30yrs? In today's age of big data, you really need to be on top of this otherwise I'd say your entire marketing team and whatnot needs to be fired as its been how many years since data scientists became recognized? Maybe 4yrs cause I learned about it after researching [Fujitsu's Human Centric Innovation](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_kMktJseRI) project. Heck your marketing team doesn't do jack shit as far as I know since all the YouTube ads I've been seeing were created by YouTubers - this ain't the first time I've called out your marketing team. Like the e-Sports marketing done in other countries market better to their audience a lot better and cheaper than whatever your NA e-Sports marketing team doing. I feel like your NA team fails to utilize the excessive resources of data available to them today to create hyper personalized/localized advertising. Again, many problems, lets just stick to the issue of sexist male cronyism in the NA gaming community. Yes, as an asian male gamer, I have to agree with Daniel and acknowledge that there is a sexist misogyny problem in the League of Legends gaming community. Having to repeatedly fix champion animations and artwork (Katarina, Kai'Sa, etc.) can be costly having to redo them and delaying their release which delays profits if not eliminate other potential gains. If you were a multi-million dollar company, that may not be so bad. When you're a global multi-billion dollar company even 1% from the total global female gamer population is a lot more valuable than whatever basis point of a percent the NA/EU white male gamer population who is being whiny babies about this is worth. Daniel, what you're doing is trying to get more opinions/data by introducing a different environment so that you can develop more and create greater profits. You do this cause you acknowledge the importance of that missing data you guys haven't collected yet and so you're doing it by challenging the norm in the gaming community. My hat's off to you, Daniel and Riot Games. GG. No RE (cause redos can cost hundreds of millions of dollars).
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