State of the game (2019)

Hello guys , I'd like to know your opinion about the current state of the game , not the meta/mechanics base but from the fun/interest perspective. So after having nostalgic thoughts about the old SR , I kinda remembered that people were not always like they are now , in a lot of my games I find players who ( I think ) do not enjoy the game at the basic level , to me it seems like some people only play this just to pass time and not because they are actually interested in playing the game fun-wise. At least to me , it seems like this game have evolved from being wierd and playing online games ("Mom , I cannot stop it it's an online game") to a some kind of social prestige. People these days actually do not think of Ranks as bi-product of your skill in ranked games , but it had become the main point of the actual playing reason. I have friends who told me that they do not enjoy the game , that they only play for the rank , but my question is why ? Why has this game become like this , where ranks are treated as "success in life" ?? For those who do not understood my point : Take an example when League was a small indie game , did people actually care about ranks just as now they do ? No they did not , because the game actually was not recognized as it is now. My opinion is , that some people have actually replaced the thought of being successfull in life to " be successfull in league a.k.a High Elo" , since this is a fine goal I think not a lot of people actually have the right mind set and plan to actually realize this, many crumble before despair of loosing games and do not improve knowledge-wise (champion mechanics are not everything). At the end , I would like to send a message to you guys , who do this what I have described here , realize please , that someday the game League of Legends won't be a hit like nowadays , new games will come and this one will fall behind, one day nobody will care about your D4 elo , do not fall under illusion that league success = life success , it does not and will never be. If you think that it does (proplay) , I bet a lot of you would quit within first year as this sport is rigorous from training to actually performing and people who do it most of times cannot do anything besides that on proffesional level. At the end please bear in mind that this is my personal opinion , and I do not mind if you disagree with me , everybody has right for an opinion , thats why I would like to know your opinion guys on this topic. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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