@Riot you should really reward the community for creating Champion Concepts that you use

Someone created a Senna Concept way before release/ or any abilitys being decided https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/general-discussion/GivFtAwW-senna-ability-concept in this Key Concept you used/but did not acknowledge/or give any recongnition of using their rough draft ideas whats the point of Community Concepts, if you just take, and not say" ty or that was amazing we might consider it?" you might as well remove the community Concept since peoples hard work goes unoticed or un-credited. taken from article -What imo we need her base PQWER should look like- Passive: Healing Ally Champions or dealing damage to enemy champion gives 20 -110 base hp healed + increased health regen to Senna/Ally Champions that are Shadow Soul Linked scaling off Senna Redeemed soul fragments from fallen enemy champions Q: Lays down in Prone stance, increasing Range, and damage/Healing by X Range, if proning in bushes, because of her Shadow Embrace, she is stealth, and can only be discovered when firing, or true vision W: Throws a Piercing Shield that bubbles on ally champions, absorbibg X Magic/Phys damage, which ever deals the highest while empowering Senna Gun to increase Heals received/given briefly by 10% and hasted towards ally champions by 5% for X seconds if her Partner is Shadow Soul Linked Deals Magic Damage if it goes through Enemy Units and extends the range a bit further per enemy unit hit E: Shoots a quick barrage of energy balls, that Slow X seconds while increasing her Movement speed R: While Prone, can Ult a Beam of Healing/Damaging Green Light based on Shadow Soul Fragments, and Linked Partners based AD % channeling it for 3 second
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