I thought up a way to nerf Akali and make her a top laner that ISNT so oppressive early.

Its do-able, and i have a few ideas to make her have weaknesses in top lane, since thats her main lane now anyways after they removed her sustain. I believe Akali's Q should have 250 range level one, going up by 50 range each upgrade until level 5 Q, where she gets her huge powerspike anyways. Heres what it would look like: 250/300/350/400/500. This would reduce her earlier wave clear, have her walk back too far to use her passive, and it would stop her from effectively auto winning top lane. I also believe that they should add a new change (however only if they add the Q change suggested above), where Akali's passive damage is reduced by 20% AP scaling, and 10 damage level 1, but if she hits Q and auto attacks anyone or anything that was hit with her Q should be marked and it should deal a bonus 30% AP + 20/50/80 extra magic damage and possibly making subsequent Q's that hit deal 20% less damage if the person hit is still marked to prevent Akali from just spamming Q during lane.
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