Riot, I thank you for everything.

So, I recently moved on to play an MMO by NCSoft and let me tell you, I took a long hiatus from it, now returned and boy, oh, boy, shit went down the drain. They barely listen to their player base, they ruined the game for new players who are willing to grind up. When in queue, no one will be available for hours ( for a new player/returned player). The requirements to be accepted (or caught up to others) are harsh as hell. If you don't have the mechanics or stats, you're kicked automatically. You'll have a very hard time to catch up without a group of friends or clan members. There's no such thing as a solo grinder, you're forced to just quit. And its become mandatory Pay to Win status yet you still can't afford much with it. Now you must be thinking, what's that got to do with League? How can you compare an MMO with a PVP? Well, I have been so depressed from this MMO considering how much I love it that when I compare it to League, I have to say, Riot knows their shit well and that's quality right there. They take our feedback, maybe not everyday but the importance is **they still do it**, no matter the time it takes. They change the game for us, based on our judgements. Even if it's minimal, ask yourself why you're still playing this game? Exactly. What are the benefits? 1. It's a free game. 2. Mandatory experience/gear? No. Are you a new player? Here, free runes. Have fun. Veteran? Still gifted, just play the game. 3. HECK, just for playing, you are eligible to free chests and keys. What does that mean? A CHANCE TO OBTAIN FREE SKINS. 4. Remember the ramble about keys? Now you're GUARANTEED not only 1 key BUT 2+ keys just for honors. 5. RNG involved? NO. 6. Their events? A-w-e-s-o-m-e. Nopay-justplay-freeshit. 7. New player? Free tutorial, mute the toxics, enjoy your stay. 8. Tired/Bored/Same? New updates = new excitement every time. 9. Your effort for the game = more surprises to come. 10. **You are noticed, you are accepted, you are welcomed. ** The only thing that should be complained about within League is the community itself being toxic. "But they nerfed this, but omg, this meta.. but - but". There's always something to complain about, it never ends. And Riot has put up with our shit even till this day. Trust me, I used to complain on the boards but I'm done, I've always loved and still love league. If there's a problem, I'll quit. I thank Riot for everything they've taken their time to do with our feedback. If you plan to salt over this board, you're welcome to do so; no deal. I will not care nor bother reading. The board will always salt and I feel bad for Riot putting up with the fans but they still do it. And I thank them for keeping the game stable. I forgot to mention, NCSoft has a lot of players crying on the boards, literally raging compared to the boards of League. You should be THANKFUL for a **rioter to even comment on your post**. BE THANKFUL. If you're curious to which game I'm currently playing, it's Blade and Soul. Check their forums and think again when you're back here. TL;DR: Riot listens to our feedback and knows how to keep a game running. Stop bitching.
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