Repertoir's Recent Interactions with the Boards Community are Impressive

I just wanted to thank Riot Repertoir, without ass kissing too much, for the pleasant surprise I've had the past day or so upon seeing his posts asking for feedback from the boards community on his most recent proposed changes. Honestly as an assassin player who plays primarily melee ad assassins and bruisers i was beginning to lose interest in the game. In fact, I had left for about a month and a half up until last week. Seeing the feedback riot is looking for from the community, the removal of duskblade as a crutch for literally all assassins in exchange for fair compensation buffs, and the most recent patch notes I've garnered some hope that i could love this game again. Especially if, hint, hint, wink, wink, hyper-carry ADC's and crit itemization got a hefty nerfing and were put out of the spotlight for the first time in a few years. Regardless however, i have to commend the balance team and Riot Repertoir for being able to look for and take feedback on a board that isn't always friendly. Kudos, color me impressed and my interest in league of legends rekindled, for now{{sticker:vlad-salute}} Keep it up
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