Streamers aren't immune to toxicity and they shouldn't be

I mean, Riot banned T1 from playing the game by itself until he reformed and behaved better. The reason he still seems to be taken as toxic is because he turned that behaviour around and is making big show with it. Same goes for Shaclone. That guy has well over 50 banned accounts, still rising because he doesn't get that we can see him run it down mid on streams. He even had the nerve to say he feels attacked by riot? Like hello? Don't you get it? --- Having said that, I am ridiculed by how long Nightblue has lasted when he has shown equal, if not worse, behaviour, ongoing for almost longer than the two examples listed. he has a very well documented history of incidents like that recent fiasco and he has gone unpunished where even titans fell. By this example, the claim that Riot plays favorites with him would be strongly supported and I daresay is actually believable. Riot. I have, very often I daresay, defended you and reserved my criticism when you did fuck up. But Nightblue walking free is a level of hypocrisy not even EA can beat. With that said: Get your shit together or Fuck you Sincerely Common Sense
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