God F this games dodging penalty severity

Man im here screwing 5 minutes of my time because i had gotten distracted and didnt pick my champ so it kicked me out. Thing is, i thought there was no penalty for this if you didn't spam it. Apperently there is, i can't remember the last time i had actually dodged a game, mostly becase so many others do it for me instead. Now im waiting 5 minutes and yeah it doesn't seem like much, but its enough to give me time to think of assassins and 1 second all ins. Its enough to make me sick and just stop. Its just fucking stupid, because i know there is no penalty first time, or subsequent times as long as you dont spam it, so why the hell did i get one now? Is riot forgoing game bugs in order to focus punishment on dodgers? lol Wouldn't suprise me considering all the things this game is going through. Gonna need EMS for this game when it goes under.
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