I've finally given up on Riot Games

I'm a season 1 veteran, so I've been playing the game for a loooong time. 7 years is a long time to spend on one online game. But after so many years I've finally given up on this League of Legends. The strategic game I fell in love in back in 2011 doesn't exkst anymore. The damage is so high, there's no room for strategic plays. You just gotta oneshot the enemies before they oneshot you. The playerbase has been complaining about the stupid damage and towers being useless for the entire season 8. Riot acknowleded that they thought so too. Ticktock ticktock nothing happened troughout the entire season, and we were promised that it would get fixed in preseason. And here we are, in preseason, and the state of the game is even WORSE. The damage is even higher. Turrets can tank more damage sure, but they now give sooo much gold, snowballing the game even more than before. Champions that actually needs nerfs are put aside, and champions like Sejuani and Aurelion Sol are being nerfed instead. And FINALLY when champs like Irelia and Leblanc gets nerfed, they're not even nerfing the things that makes them broken. I am done with this game. It blows my mind how little Riotgames cares. The Bethesda incident (if you don't know it, search "fallout76" on Youtube) has opened my eyes. I've been way too patient with Riotgames. They clearly don't care, and neither will I anymore. Over and out. See you all at Wizard101 <3
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