Whatever you do Riot, do not let this new ''Diversity thing'' Influence ANYTHING in the game!

Basically, i don't care what you plan on doing in your own office, but seriously, do not let anything of that SJW bullshit happen in the game, and most importantly, NOT. IN. THE. LORE, the lore is one of the few things i still enjoy about this game, nothing would shatter me more than to see the lore and champions drive down a slow hill of toxic political correctness, Kled getting voicelines changed, female clothing changed (Imagine Ahri and Eve wearing a full skin suit), all this kind of shit, i don't want it, nobody wants to see lore being forced arround shurima even tho it would have made 10000% more sense to be put into places like Ionia because you needed an excuse to give a champion Shuriman (african) heritage, i don't want it, the lore fans don't want it, no lore fan wants to see lore being forced for the sake of diversity. If you have a good shuriman lore, good for you, but don't put someone like (for example) a doctor, which kit would make 100% more sense to be resembled by a Zaunite instead of a Shuriman, in the game, just for the sake of diversity. Don't make the whole lore of a champion by resembled by their sexuality. Don't make the whole lore of a champion resembled by them being trans. And most importantly, do not stop making pretty champions! Like, if you make them different, at least have a good reason to, like Illaoi, if Gragas was a girl, it would also make sense to make her fat, because lore and kit resemble it perfectly, but don't make shit like a Noxian spy a 200 kg women just because diversity, it fucking sucks, have a good reason to make the women creepy/weird/ugly (void corruption as example), or fat (something like an ultra ordinary cheff cook?) else it just fucking sucks, and nobody wants to see it. K thats my 2 cents, hope Riot won't go down this hole, else this will be the final nail on the head for me to quit this game forever, i can forgive every bad gameplay change, but i will never, never, never, forgive Riot for messing up lore with SJW poison. EDIT : If you take your sweet time to vote anything, up or down already, why not also take the time to write your oppinion down :) would love nothing more than to discuss different views
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