I remember why I quit playing ranked.

Win or lose there is always someone that gets super pissed off and says stupid shit because they think they are the best player in the world. "I hope you die in a car accident so no one else has to suffer you" enemy adc said this to their support last game. And it was also the top laner's fault somehow. And mid lane's. I see this crap all the time in ranked. I rarely see this shit in normals. Some people do get pissy but it is a rare in normals. I can't enjoy winning in ranked because it is soured by this kind of pathetic, angry child nonsense. Do you really, honest hope someone dies in a car accident because of a fucking game? Do you actually think that is okay to say to another person? "Just report" some people say. It is really disheartening when I report people that say ridiculous shit like this and still see them playing later on. "One report isn't enough" you reply... when they say shit like this one report should be enough. It is fucking pathetic.
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