As a longtime player, I happy to say I'm officially done with this game.

I've been playing this game since season 2. Something like 8 years. Overtime this game went from being about fun, learning, cooperating, to a toxic cesspool that's all about yourself. Having nearly 6000 normal games, I like to consider myself a relatively decent player (although my ranked stats certainly don't reflect that, 100% my fault). For years I've been grinding, trying to get better, putting the responsibility on myself, because when it comes to climbing the biggest obstacle is yourself. With that said, eventually I got to a point where refining my own gameplay simply wasn't enough, and despite trying to shot call, makes plays, most teams were unresponsive or too up their own ass to want to follow someone elses plays. I just received a 14 day suspension, which I'm fine with considering today was my first game in about a week. I smashed my lane as Aatrox vs Rene, got first tower, was great. My team, as usually, is doing mediocre. I roam, get more kills, objectives, etc. Around 20 mins my team starts to slip, the roaming Zed on their team is just farming our bot, my Nid jungle is more concerned about getting Baron vision than she is assisting myself or them, and my mid laner, Veigar, called me a 'F A G' for expressing my frustrations. After the game I alone received a ban. None of the feeders got banned, including the one who fed and called me a 'F A G'. Let me be fair though, I'm toxic and I'd never deny that. When my team is far below my own skill while the other team thrives off them, I feel cheated. And after this happens _literally_ thousands of times, your patience shrinks. With that said, this game would be massively improved if players are punished on their actual playing than just the chat. I get the chat is important, I get the chat is where most reports come from, but the chat is a symptom of players frustration in accordance to what's happening **IN THE GAME**. Having a system that simply scans the chat and punishes through there does get rid of some toxic players, but understand lots of players who are just bad themselves or really don't care about the game are more than willing to play in a way that doesn't involve the team and stay silent over chat because again, they either don't understand or don't care. When you have a game, that's team based, and players don't care for playing as a team (or are simply unaware of it), it creates the perfect storm for toxicity. If players had legitimate deterrents or incentives to play as a team (other than knowing themselves that's how the game is played) I would bet the amount of banned accounts due to chat would go down immensely. Unfortunately Riot leaves all the cooperation to the players themselves, with no sense of guidance other than if you play roaming support Teemo you'll be banned. The irony in my case is I'm always much more toxic to my own team than I am the other team. The reason is because I want to win and I know how to win, but the moment my teammate who is feeding, refuses my advice and continues to feed, it can be VERY frustrating. Understand that at this moment, is when the majority of players get banned for what they type in chat. Yet it's not toxicity for the sake of toxicity, it's toxicity that originates from a place of wanting to help, and the refusal of said help COMPLETELY goes against the team based gameplay this game claims to have. Overall, I'm more than happy to be done with this game and move on to games that either have a healthier system when it comes to team cooperation, or just single players games. The idea that chat has more banning power than gameplay is legit abysmal, and anyone who doesn't mute the toxic player is clearly feeding into the fire, but Riots system can't comprehend that. It was a good ride guys, probably be a lurker for a bit and fade into the distance.
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