We've all been dissing riot for a bit now; Now it's time to Appreciate what they're doing

Thank you Riot games for striving to bring newer experiences and opportunities to the League community. To expand the game to those who may like the characters and not the Moba Genre. To allow them to have a chance to experience the world of League through multiple platforms and genres- Even finally beginning the Animation that lets us dive deeper into the lore of Runeterra. The Fighting game that we never expected, but could be a great addition to the world to view characters in a different perspective of the battle. The Card game for those who thirst for more strategy as if TFT wasn't enough. A Mobile game for those on the go, Yet still able to get the *FEEL* that you're still on the same summoners rift that you've known and loved for all its Rage inducing, Play-making, and Crazy mess that can be Teamfights. A Dungeon Crawler which could even take us across lands within Runeterra and fight different monsters within the universe. Changing summoners rift for the next Pre-season to give a different experience for every game. Releasing Senna, and finally ridding Lucian of getting mocked by every new champion for getting his Wife captured by a remorseless creature of darkness. (Seriously Poor dude.) So. We Appreciate you guys for experimenting with new things and overall trying your best to give us the Best possible Runeterra experience. Happy 10 Year anniversary. **_Keep up the Amazing work!_** -J
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