You guys at Riot really should focus on account security rather than the next rework/release.

**Multi-factor authentication (Two-Step at the very least...) ** While I am without a doubt looking forward to my spooky boy Fiddlesticks, I am more than willing to let him take a back seat in priority compared to the security of player accounts. Almost everyone now has a phone, and those that don't instead have an E-Mail or several backup E-Mails. This kind of thing saves accounts (saved mine on two sites multiple times, Twitch and Roblox...yes I know the stigma of the latter **but even they have that extra layer of security**) This game has been out for how long now? 10 Years according to the recent Anniversary event? That alone is a red flag considering Multi-factor authentication for phones and E-Mails came out quite a while ago. You have the option to have someone be displayed as "on mobile" for their friends, why not take that extra step? Refusing or even delaying at this point puts millions at risk. Yes millions, the playerbase is quite an astonishing feat. I doubt this would even reach anyone higher up on the team influential enough who would care enough to address this directly, but I do know that fellow players will share the sentiment that we not only want extra account safety, but need it. _**Please spread the word, account security is no laughing matter. **_
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