Bring back Legacy Client

Hello I will like to address a problem that me and many people I know of have at this moment. I'm working on a low end laptop! I cannot even login to my account anymore that's how bad the client is for me, when I try to go through the lag the game works just fine. Its the client, the moment you took away Legacy Client was the moment I started having problems. Have an option to choose Legacy if they need to. Please listen, many people want the legacy client back. I know this may be a lot of ask, but many people are losing interest into this game by the new clients constant lag. I have tried everything, from updating my drives to getting the LoL fix tool, nothing works! I have worked over 6 years grinding my champions and account only to lose it all because my laptop can no longer run the game. Please people riot needs to see this to bring legacy client as a lite version of it, or else I won't even be able to accept a game. It's that bad.
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