I'm never going to spend another dime on League of Legends until a serverwide compensation is given.

Even small games will give compensation for things like unplanned maintenance, accidental exploits, etc. Off the top of my head: Cookie run Ovenbreak, Puzzles and dragons Riot, a massive company, can't afford to give everyone one free capsule, which costs maybe 5 dollars, where a game like Cookie run ovenbreak can give out 1000 gems which costs 10 dollars to each player. There are plenty more players on league of legends than there are on Cookie run. At the same time, cookie run will be hit harder than riot will. Saying that a bigger company will have to give more is like saying "Oh that guy over there with $10000 shouldn't give away $50 when that poorer guy over there with $1 can get away with giving away 50 cents." 50/10000 is only 1/20, while .5/1 is 1/2. Smaller companies take bigger hits because they're more compassionate towards their playerbase and understand frustrations due to exploits. Riot doesn't give a shit. If you want, go to reddit on league of legends, and look at the top hot post right now. It's about how Blood Moon Aatrox prestige is just Riot attempting to make more people fall under a gambling addiction. I refuse to give my money in exchange for services to a company that does this kind of shit. I'm boycotting league's paid systems. I'll still take advantage of the completely free stuff tho like the game itself.
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