Five Diamond 4 support mains are placed in a professional match

Riot's face when they lose with a 2:52 KDA : mUsT bE gEnDeR dIsCrImInAtIoN Edit For context I copied one of the comments by 'bladesteel' Vaevictis eSports signed a team of all female players. The problem is those female players are LOW Diamond (3 players ending Diamond 4, 1 Diamond 3, and one Diamond 1) and all support mains. So when they go against a team of Master+, let alone challenger+ players...they lose. Really bad. Their first game ended at 20:57, the score was 12-1 (girls got one kill) and they were behind 17k gold. Their top laner alone was behind by over 100 cs. I haven't watched their other games, but evidently they ended with 2 kills and 52 deaths. People are saying that its gender discrimination and thats why they are losing, when its the fact that they are low diamond players on an off role against challenger players. Put 5 iron support mains vs a team of 5 gold players on their main accounts and see how it goes.
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