Valter is my favourite secondary antagonist in Fire Emblem history.

So why does he sound like such a wanker in Heroes? His voice actor is some Arabic guy with 0 voice credit on any of the other characters. - - have been waiting for him since the game came out, and I cranked him from 3-star to level 40 the instant I got him, promoted him to 4-star and he's currently at about level 28 or so. Will play a half hour or so in bed as usual and hopefully grind him to 40 tonight. It took me 3 attempts just to get the 3-star one from his Special Map the other day (I missed the first time he was available, if there was one before. I don't really know how I did it.) And I tried. I really did, but the level 40 and the Nightmare-+ were WAY too hard for what I was running, and I had no units I could use to build around him. Obviously the best way is to attack him with Bow from a diagonal, but none of my level 40 bow users are really any good. I have Gordin at 40+2, but he can't take him out in one turn even with a Brave Bow+. He is a beast, though. That fucking Panic Ploy is broken, what the shit.
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