Please stop with the false information

It does not matter how you _feel_ about the rules. And it does not matter how you personally redefine trolling as "off-meta". Your selfish stupidity is going to get misinformed players hit with easily avoidable punishments. Stop rallying behind someone who's just as much of an entitled asshat as NB3, and start playing by the rules. If you don't LIKE the rules, then you can start a discussion about changing them. But in the meantime, you still must follow them. So stop trying to spread your false interpretation. It's no different from a chat restriction. You talk like an asshole who only thinks about himself, you play like an asshole who only thinks about himself and will literally say, "I don't care if people dodge, fuck them," then you're going to get punished like one. Nubrac isn't yours or anyone's friend here. He certainly isn't a friend to people who he thinks lesser of for not bending to his will by picking an entire comp around his selfish asshattery. And he certainly did something that is and has always been punishable. So stop telling people it isn't, because your refusal to accept the truth is gonna get other people who believe your bullshit in trouble. **** It'd be really sad if newer players stopped playing entirely because they're being misinformed about the rules and end up with a completely legitimate punishment
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