All New Champions For Star Guardian. Wow. Shocker!

Seeing all new champions be part of a skin line that is so popular, is really not a shocker to me. Riot only prioritizes reworks and skins on new champions, popular champions, and recent VGU every patch cycle. I was harassed, belittled, downvoted, and called many names for calling out a Development team that CLEARLY DOESN'T CARE ABOUT THEIR OLDER CHAMPION POOL AT ALL. There are so many champions that could have fit the SG line better as well as the Project Skin line. There are so many champions that have been waiting years and years for a GAMEPLAY UPDATE OR KIT MODERNIZATION, BUT NOT A REWORK THAT RUINS THEIR EXISTING ONE. {{champion:84}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:13}} Have received multiple reworks and GU the past few months. Is no one concerned that there is over 160+ champions in the game and Riot Games has 3 new champions being created and will be released within the next 6 months? Is no one concerned that half of the champions pool in this game is outdated in terms of art and kits that need a GU, but because it interferes with new champions they are never addressed besides a back and fourth numbers buff? Is no one concerned that Riot is prioritizing skins, reworks and discussions revolving only around new champions, popular champions, and recent VGU one? Other problems: ETERNALS - Being charged for an achievement system that isn't all that great. TFT - Being charged for content on a gamemode still in beta and taking Developers away from Summoners Rift to make TFT, instead of hiring all new talent to make TFT. Taking Developers away from Summoners Rift directly effects the content and production speed of things coming out on Summoners Rift (and it shows). Twisted Treeline - Is being removed, just like all over gamemodes that Developers are extremely too lazy and too hypocritical to admit is a problem because of them. Let's remove it instead of doing our jobs. Game balance - There are still problems being ignored and not addressed and should have been in midseason. What this all amounts to is a bunch of Developers WHO HAVE NO INTEGRITY OR BACKBONE ANYMORE. Their work ethic is extremely lazy, bias and they don't care about their older champions or older players. Developers refuse to even look into doing small VGU like Ezreal and Morgana on older champions. It is easier to create content and mange newer champions and recent VGU champions because they have newer models and modernized kits. It's hard to create skins and keep up with older champion kits because the technologies and art surrounding them is outdated and one little thing creates a problem. Why would Developers ever create a Star Guardian Karma skin when they can create a Neeko Star Guardian skin when she has completed animations and her model is updated? That's the issue. The Developers continue to prioritize new content and new things over modernizing existing content and making it better. Developers aren't even willing to do a little bit of modernizing. Developers are just ignoring the problems and putting bandaids on them. DEVELOPERS DON'T CARE ABOUT THEIR OLDER CHAMPIONS AND OLDER PLAYERS. If they did, we would be seeing a clear modernization of art and kits on older champions that would allow them to create more content for and make it easier for them to work on. Instead, Riot is creating new champions that are taking time away from older champions and making them better. Riot Game Developers are worse than EA and I'm not lying either. They are a greedy company WHO DOESN'T CARE ABOUT ANYTHING BUT NEW PLAYERS AND NEW CONTENT. If Developers care at all, we would be seeing art modernization and kit modernization for at least half of the older champions now. WE AREN'T.
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