Dear Riot, please consider recategorizing your older skins (aka, old Legendaries).

This is, of course, clearly a reaction to the Legendary Skin reward that was given out today for the 10 year anniversary celebration. This legendary skin was the ONE thing I was looking forward to this whole event (especially with the four skin shards I got for the fourth or fifth day with three of the four shards being skins I owned, which was totally NOT cool) and coming home from a tiring day of volunteer work today I was really looking forward to this free skin. I login, do my best in a game, and... And what do I get? Ice Toboggan Corki while my friends are showing off their new Eclipse Leona skins, BA Ezreal skins, High Noon or Project Ashe skins, any of the nicer legendaries with the more recent years, all of which considered the same tier as the skin I received. Riot employees, you may not be reading this but please rethink the organization of your older skins. It is UNFAIR that players who have shown loyalty and are celebrating this tenth year anniversary with you are subjected to receive skins that are not on par with the latest Legendary releases and yet are expected to accept it quietly despite the outdated tier pool. This MUST be changed. Please. And, if you can, refund those who have received these Legendary skins and regift another skin. Or at least make a REMARK on the issue. I write this not only as a plea for myself, but for the many others out there who are trying their best to support and celebrate this hallmark and important time in your game. TLDR: Please recategorize the older legendary skins into a separate, legacy epic category and create a better pool for those who are receiving a legendary skin gift. Please refund players who have received older skins such as Ice Toboggan or Red Baron Corki from the 10th anniversary 10th day reward and regift another random legendary skin from the more recent skin releases and give players who bought the skin originally before this recategorization a special loading screen border like PAX Sivir or Championship Riven, or something of the like. OR, at least, ADDRESS this. Riot Support's own article on Legendary Skins: "Legendary (1820 RP): A complete reimagining of the champion from the ground up, with total and complete immersion in the fantasy." Does this standard apply to the older skins? In my opinion, no, and it is dishonest to define a legendary skin this way on the support page and not be transparent that this skin tier also includes older, less than modern skins. Riot, just be **TRANSPARENT**. Just TALK to us. EDIT: please consider UPVOTING so Riot can see this.
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