WHy cant people just accept my anti meta enthusiastic playstyle

so me and my friends queued up for ranked full of anti meta enthusiasm planning on playing this new viable strat that works in ranked (we got diamond with it. malz/singed/kayn the thrice smite squad is secret freelo, you should try it!) and this team trolled us because they didnt like it and so now because we ended up dying a lot because it didnt work well and we had an afk that hated us and flamed us we get called feeders forget that we literally win 90% winrate with this comp/strategy i hope people that ruin games for us lke this get permanently suspended because ireported them i jsut wish the league community didnt suck like this and let us play these off meta role/picks and jsut carry you with it it seriously works guys just fucking listen trust us we wouldnt go int oranked with it if we werent experienced knowing of it pic related https://i.gyazo.com/04912f4cddd25834b5ec284f98566488.jpg
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