How to abuse Hecarim #1 Win Rate Top

프로도 당하고 있다. 이 헤카림 3,4,5렙 솔킬법 미쳤습니다
안녕하세요. 무협지입니다 최근 헤카림 Q상향과 정복자의 시너지로 챌린저 상위권을 뚫은 유저가 있는 것은 물론, OP.GG 탑 승률 랭킹 또한 1위인데요 그 이유를 제대로 보여드립니다 [BGM] Vlog music: LiQWYD - Feel (Free Download) Free download: Music by LiQWYD: Stream/buy my music: - Spotify: - iTunes: - Soundcloud: Social media: - Instagram: - Facebook: youtube audio library royalty free music vlog Track: JJD - Adventure [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.
I came across a neat explanation video on Hecarim top video (How to trade, solo kill, etc.) Be sure to use the English closed caption because the video is in Korean. I've never played hecarim, and managed to POP OFF on my plat smurf lmao It has a small skill cap, and can be easily mastered. Try it for yourselves friends! Oh and here's the of player in the video:
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