Twisted Treeline: One Last Shot Into the Void

Hi guys, Now, I know this has probably been said many times by others and TT's fate has probably been mulled over for a long time, but I figured I'd just give this one last shot. My question is, why do we need to retire Twisted Treeline? I mean, fine, if you guys just don't think it's revivable, then don't spend your time on it; I don't mean this negatively, but honestly, Riot stopped spending almost any of their time of Twisted Treeline a long time ago. Regardless, that's fine. Why is it required that we get rid of it altogether? For me, I just played my first 3s game in a long time tonight and I realized how much the game mode meant to me. The reality is, I played my entire level 1-30 on Twisted Treeline, back in Season 1 when it took months to get there. I'm a silver player, and the only gold banner I ever had was from 3s. 3s holds a special place in my heart, and it's the whole reason I fell in love with league back in 2011. My point is, if it's irredeemable then just don't do anything with it. The small base of players that love 3s would still play it anyways and I can't see why you can't just leave the game mode there as an option. I know that League of Legends has grown out of it's original mold and has become something huge, and esports, brand expansion, and progress, are all key in Riot's business model moving forward. That all makes sense. What I don't understand is why it's important to kill off 3s when it's not doing anything to hurt the other premier game modes, other than taking up a small slot on the mode selection screen. If that's really the reason, then that's a crappy reason to kill off a game mode which still has a playerbase, albeit small and niche, which enjoy and love a game that YOU made. Anyways, I just want you guys to know that I love 3s and always have, I appreciate that you guys made the game mode and that I've had the opportunity to play it, and maybe, just maybe, this isn't the end of it. But it probably is. Laters
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