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I'm quitting League, and probably never coming back to it. I want to say thank you to Riot's balance departament for totally destroying this game with their LCS balance policy and making it so unfun for so many people. The only good think Riot is doing with this game is the lore, and that's not enough to keep me playing. I just can't take it anymore, unless you are a metaslave there is no way you will have fun. I'm tired of Riot ignoring me as a player just so LCS players can abuse the same champions over and over again. I'm tired of the toxicity of some of the players that don't seem to understand people can just have a bad game. I'm tired of not being able to play the champions I like the most. I'm tired of sacrificing my life and mental health overall for a goddamn game. I'm tired of not being able to have fun anymore. I'm tired of it all. So I'm quitting. Now Ik what some people are gonna say, that I'm a low elo shit and my opinion doesn't matter, but guess what. I don't have time to climb. Ik some people will say "Lol see you in a week" but I really am quitting I'm not even rage quitting after a bad game, I'm not even mad. I just realised that this game is no longer fun and worth of my time. To all the good players in this community, I hope you have fun with this game, and thank you for showing respect in game. To Riot, I'm dissapointed on what you did with the game. In s7, when I started playing, ,things were way better, and I do not blame the runes. The balance departament is to be blamed. It took you like 4 patches to fix the ADC problem, only to put this scuttler crab patch as a replacement. And this is just an example. Not even winning is fun anymore. And games are supposed to be fun, not competitive picking champs.
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