LP Loss Due to Disconnects

Disconnects are something that happen to every player, but I think Riot's system negatively impact those who try their hardest to reconnect and win their game. For example, I was disconnected from my own game at the 1 minute mark after my game crashed, I had to reboot my computer and sit through an unusually long league load screen to finally reconnect at the 10 minute mark. I joined my team secured many kills and objectives to push my team to a win. At the end of the 33 minute game I was surprised to see that I had LOST 21 LP. My normal losses are around 16 LP. I would have been more understanding with 0 LP, or if my teammates had reported me then a loss of that much LP. I feel like Riot's system for dealing with disconnects discourages people from even reconnecting and further ruins the player experience. Any thoughts on this matter?
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