Just been informed I will be receiving the IP ban I asked for but while scrolling through one of my posts I quickly saw a guy saying that my whole problem as a player was for picking Poppy jungle. Are you legit that fucking stupid dude? Any jungle that can clear well enough and has ganking tools is more than a viable pick in the jungle. As long as you have the ability to survive in the jungle and get your cs you are automatically viable. This is exactly what I was talking about when I said this community is stupid/bad and has no idea how the game works. You take electrocute and you do ridiculous damage and you have a gap closer/hard cc with a speed up ability that automatically stops all dashes/escapes. How in the hell is that not a viable jungle pick? I would really like to be proven otherwise. I've had incredible games with Poppy jungle where I effortlessly ran around the map and racked up 6-8 kills with zero deaths. You are a tank assassin who can fly in out of nowhere at super high speeds and easily get kills from stuns followed by burst. "Poppy isn't a common/viable jungle pick so you're bad if you choose her." Nah if you get cinder she has fine clears there is absolutely nothing wrong with her at all. This community is so full of sheep it just disgusts me. And then you try to tell me that I'm bad at the game for the champion that I chose. K. It has nothing to do with actual jungle skills, pathing, objective control, map awareness, etc. You're right dude you got me. Don't remember your name and don't really care either, but I hope you read this. Just quickly caught that one comment and had no choice but to put you in your place and tell you how wrong you are. I would've just sent a private message to you, but that doesn't seem to be possible. Either way go fuck yourself. If you think the particular jungle champion picked determines your skill as a jungle then you're clueless trash. That's exactly what I would expect a sheep to think, that if it's not picked all the time and in LCS tournaments then it's automatically bad. Bahhhhh you're a sheep. I guess you just constantly spam the meta "OP" picks and think you're actually good, which is sad.
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