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I Got Banned For Maining Roaming Teemo Support Overview My IGN is Nubrac. I'm a previously rank 2 challenger that's been playing 1000's of games every season since season 2 maintaining a diamond plus rating. I one tricks 3 champions; one of which being Teemo.
For those who hate Reddit and don't want to taint your browsing history. I Got Banned For Maining Roaming Teemo Support Overview My IGN is Nubrac. I'm a previously rank 2 challenger that's been playing 1000's of games every season since season 2 maintaining a diamond plus rating. I one tricks 3 champions; one of which being Teemo. Over the years I was never banned for any type of verbal abuse, intentional feeding, griefing, etc, and honest to god, even when its hard, every single game I play, I try to win. I have no idea what I did wrong , nor will riot give me a response in which specifically tells me why I was banned. I feel I was wrongly banned due to bullying from NightBlue3 having access to the league and twitch partner program report system, and due to playing a roaming support. I've asked riot if this strategy was okay and there is a post made by riot stating this kind of play-style is okay. As it stands, I'm still currently banned. The Ban πŸ“· On June 12th, I received a 14 day Ban. The ticket states its for "Trolling, Griefing, Intentional Feeding, or Deliberately trying to lose the match", none of which I have done. Here is the game my account was penalized for πŸ“· In the game listed above, I played a roaming Teemo support. This game, I looked at the lane matchups and since I knew Teemo as champ wasn't going to do much VS a Sona/Taric Lane (due to them being outpoke and sustain a Teemo and knowing from experience with this strategy that Sivir and Ezreal usually perform decent in 1v2 lanes), and decided it was best for my team in my opinion to Support Irelia mid and get her ahead (as Irelia can 1v9) , as well as help Kha'Zik contest any Scuttle Crabs. Keep in mind with my Teemo strategy, I cheese different lanes level 1 with stealth and go to which lane I can bully the enemy best, help my laners get ahead, and get my spellthief procs nonstop to get quest completed by 7-8 mins which helps get the team early vision along with my shrooms. In this game in which I was banned for, with the help of my stealth cheese, we got Irelia First Blood. Throughout the game, my team verbal abused me as well as the enemy team in all chat, and 3 players (sivir, kha, and then irelia) afked at 10 minutes while me and neeko were the only ones left playing. We ended up ffing at 15. The Riot Tickets/Appeal I made 3 tickets The first ticket involves asking if the strategy I do is bannable. The second ticket involves the Ban Appeal The Third Ticket involves Nightblue3's harrassment In the first live general support ticket, I went and asked Riot two questions. πŸ“· In the ticket, I asked if playing playing an off meta champion in a new fashion as support is bannable. Then I asked if more specifically if i went Teemo support , bought a support item and went to which lane i think is best for the team and if that's bannable. From what Skiwi said "Aslong as you are legitimately trying to win, we won't ban you for playing something out of left field" **** In the second ticket, I tried to appeal this ban after being confused as to why I am banned. It's a long ticket so I'm going to include several pics and several concerns. At first similar to above, I summarized the situation trying to appeal my ban above and got this reply. πŸ“· The key point here in this post is quote "After your account was thoroughly investigated it became clear that you were intentionally feeding and greifing in your game." Now, here's the thing, I did not intentionally feed or grief in my game. I had two deaths in the game. Here are links to clips of both deaths. In the first death I got collapsed on by 3 enemies. In the second death I misplayed while trying to check a bush to get vision. (at this point 3 teamates are already afk) Now, after replying, I asked at which point was I intentionally feeding to which this reply sparked more questions. πŸ“· "Its not entirely tied to dying to the enemy intentionally" It was not tied at all. Also is leaving bot lane as support reportable? Is taking cs mid lane when your laner isn't there reportable? πŸ“· "When you are assigned a support role especially in higher elo, it can still be considered griefing if you leave your ADC to fend for themselves and go mid to take CS" From what i got from this, Is that Depending on the Elo you're in, Different rules or severity apply. Also, when can you roam or take CS as Support? πŸ“· From here i replied to the ticket, but did not get a futher response or exact reason upon which i was banned for. When i get unbanned, i have no idea how to reform if i did do something wrong. πŸ“· I received no response after this as he thinks i was debating with him when i just wanted a specific answer on to why i was banned when i play the same way every game. After bringing up valid points, and showing that riot was okay with the teemo support roaming with the support ticket and riot meddlers video . I still get banned. :( Nightblue3's Impact While playing with Nightblue, he harassed me all game and harassed me in the client. At 10-11 minutes, Nightblue3, the adc, and irelia afked. I didnt say one word until the very end in which i said "team lost mental smh". From my point of view, if you are a professional streamer, that carries status or a following, it does not mean you should be able allowed to bully others or influence others in a negative way. Hundred of viewers from his stream, came to report my stream, and made tickets to report me in league of legends because of his influence and followage. Many in chat came and told me to Kill Myself, called me the N word, and a Fat F***. When a streamer thinks he can get away with anything, I dont think thats right or fair the rest of us. Here are both the game recordings from both points of view. NightBlues Nubracs Here is him talking about how his a**hole is more important and they would ban me over him just because hes a streamer. Personal Opinion Lets start with my opinion of the Teemo Roaming Support Strategy Pros: Help jungler with priority on scuttles More viability to gank every lane Faster spellthief procs and faster completion of viable wards for team. Shrooms for every lane Deny Experience for enemy solo laners Cheese level 1 strat to blow flash or get FB most games Cons: Team can tilt if they don't like the strategy Turret plating weakness bottom Apparently you can get banned for it Apparently someone made a video with clips of some of the instance and got a different reddit post started. In a reply to to reddit post a rioter "after reviewing the continued reports we were receiving (from multiple sources) a pattern was forming where this targeted off meta behavior was occurring most often in games when the player was with a high profile streamer. If you want to play off meta, we think that's great! If you want to play off meta only to spite other players and reap the negative reactions and attention from their viewers while they are streaming then we don’t consider that a good faith use of off meta play. " In no way shape or form, did i intentionally pick teemo support due to there being a streamer in my game. I play 10+ hours a day and you're really gonna say that I stream snipe people to play Teemo Support? Thats absurd. I'm at high elo winning 60 percent of games with this strategy over 50-100+ games, and honestly most games do in fact have a streamer in them. Can i really be banned for playing an off meta playstyle with a streamer in the game? I am not doing this for attention. I am stating facts and playing a champion that i love to play in a new off meta playstyle. Here are several clips from streamers that i discovered from watching vods stating how good my strategy is. Heres iwilldominate saying it worked Here is Sneaky complaining that the enemy adc got solo lane experience I play this game and pick the champs i want to play regardless of who's in my game. This is straight wrong. Here is a video of Meddler talking about unusual playstyles and why its allowed I have no idea why I am banned. When I get unbanned, i have no idea how to reform if i did do something wrong , and plan on playing the exact same way. I would like answers of what exactly i did wrong that was bannable, and I would like to know how Twitch streamers that are popular can get away with this type of behavior. *******IMPORTANT UPDATE************** This picture is nightblue talking to Riot Zephyr to get me banned on discord. Here is a clip of him to admitting using his power to get me banned. If this type of behavior is okay from the riot team of afking on stream, harrasing, bullying and not getting banned while i do for trying my best I honestly feel like i would quit as there are no rules or standards that apply, anything goes, and this type of negative behavior and influence is not good for the game , individuals, or company as a whole. This makes me sad that the riot team allows and endorses players like this for what i can only think is for the money. #FreeNubrac
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