Leaverbuster is dumb

So every time I get leaverbuster, it's by something that's out of my control, i.e Electric surges, ISP fail etc. I don't purposely leave games because I know that there is always a chance to win, and well I just got out of a game that I was winning, my electric decides to surge morse code-like. I wasn't even gone for the 5 mins, and it was at the 35 minute mark. I come back in game, we lose a team fight and then the game ends, and I get hit with leaverbuster. I'm fine with losing a team fight and losing, but getting leaverbuster for something that's out of my control is ridiculous. They need to either fix or replace leaverbuster. 5 20 minute que's is ridiculous especially when I reconnected, and especially when it wasn't intentional. **Leaverbuster should strictly be a punishment when being _reported_**. Automatic leaverbuster is unfair to the players who have unfortunate circumstances.
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