So my girlfriend let me have her Ps3 and this happened.

I went to make my own PSN account and started playing Black Ops 3, about 2 hours later, it says that my console has been permanently banned from playing on online servers. Does anyone know why? If this means anything, which it shouldn't, is that the game is downloaded on the system itself, meaning there is no disk. The only thing I can think of is that it detected some sort of account sharing, which again wouldn't make sense because it's 2 separate accounts, and separate PSN accounts. I legit got to level 4, played 5-6 games, and it just slaps the ban hammer on me, and when I go to look up the reason why, they don't disclose any reasoning or claim that I set up botting on the system, which would be ridiculous since I had a .67 KDA.
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