[Serious] Why I am quitting league of legends

I am a user who has been playing league of legends since 2013. I have been playing since dominion was a game mode. I have over 200 ranked games in both SR solo/duo and twisted treeline each. I have recently been made aware that riot has made the decision to get rid of TT (Twisted Treeline), but after reading their post, it has not answered the question of why but instead gives me more questions to ask about riot games and the future of league of legends. Twisted Treelines is a flex game mode in which the teams are split 3v3. There is a top lane, a bottom lane, and a jungle. There are 3 camps mirrored on each side similar to SR which also has the same monsters on each side. At the top lane there is a path that leads to the epic monster of the map, vilemaw. Vilemaw is similar to baron in a sense but he is way stronger and harder to kill since it is difficult to get an experience advantage in twisted treeline. He also has an ability that traps all surrounding players in the pit with a web and brings then all to him. Going to the monsters in the jungle that are separate from vilemaw, at the bottom there are the wraiths near the center there are the wolves and at the top there are the golems. These spawn at 1:06. There are 2 altars on the map which are exclusive to TT. These alters grant status effects per alter captured. It takes the same time to capture an altar as it does to recall so a common move is to recall while capturing an altar. There is a health pack that spawns in the center at 2:30 and I believe it respawns every 3 minutes after. This leads to some fights since it gives mana and health. There are 3 metas in twisted treeline: noob meta (no smite) normal meta (bruiser/tank top, assassin/tank/bruiser jg, mage bot.) And ,what is used at high elo, support meta (usually braum/taric top, Lucian/xayah/sivir jg, mage bot). The support meta is what started the hyper carry/gold funnel meta in SR a year or so ago but it has always been popular in high elo TT. There are a few bugs/missing things that should have been fixed or added in TT which I have said before in a post on the forums but they have remained the same for years. This includes monsters not having spawn animations, the shop boundary being too large (you can access shop outside of fountain. Boundary is mirrored on opposite side), and minions getting stuck together (happens in SR sometimes too but not as bad). I have put a lot of time into TT because it is a lot of fun, but I played 200 games of ranked this season alone. Why ranked over draft pick? Draft pick is full of bots that are sold once they reach level 30. This has become somewhat uncommon knowledge over the years but it is pretty widespread that draft pick is full of bots. Why is that? It is because majority of players play SR until they reach level 30. Some of these players want to try out TT to see "why it is so bad" (according to solo/duo only players). They play ranked because they are level 30 and so they only want to play ranked games. Going back to bots being in draft, they exist in draft due to it being the least detectable way to level up to 30 or to test out scripts. I 100% agree with others who have posted on the forum that if TT is removed then these bots will not disappear but instead create way more issues in other game modes. "TT has long queue times..." my wait times for TT range from 1 minute to 8 minutes (if I am playing at a really odd time like 1 am). Last year I did get a 10 minute queue but this was due to my odd play time. I don't care for long queue times. I actually prefer longer queue times because anyone who is not willing to wait 4 minutes for a game is not the kind of person I want on my team. They usually leave/afk or perform poorly. Another reason Riot has to remove TT was that after updates to TT it didnt attract as many new players, but they cited a 7 year old update. TT suffers, not from being a bad game mode, don't get me wrong it does have its flaws, but it suffers from its bad parent. The game mode suffers from neglect. The last event I can remember that involved TT was the hexakill event which brought back 6v6, but this was years ago. I recently suffered from 2 various game breaking bugs since patch 9.14 which the first wouldn't let me play for 2 days since I got a client freeze when I tried to queue on both of my accounts. The second was a more widespread issue that involved a crash after champion select in which the second program (the game) would not open. I sent in my zipped files like a rioter said in a sticky thread but what resolved my issue after a couple days was the comment of another player who told me to install the hextech repair tool and force patch. Riot has just let me down too many times and I see no reason to fund this company when they don't listen to their players over the years. I see too many posts from players who have barely scratched the surface of LoL complaining about things which leads me to believe riot takes their input from iron players who do not have a clue about this game and its community. Riot just doesn't listen to the actual playerbase. Tl;dr it is a long read but I recommend reading it for the full perspective and scope of things. Essentially Riot has just made too many mistakes in the past and I see no reason to fund this company more than I have. It is time to switch to a different game where the devs actually communicate with players and understand their community. It was fun while it lasted.
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