I feel like Nocturne Top is sleeper OP

- Innate waveclear and harass in passive (minions won't attack you if your passive strike hits the enemy laner unless you attack the laner directly for it) - penetrating Q for poke positional for harassment, plus AD steroid while on path - Defensive W can immediately reverse a situation or save you from a gank (by blocking a CC the jungler or laner sends) - E can be used defensively or to force a reposition of the enemy - R can serve as a backup teleport if walking back to lane or as hard gank presence when combined with TP (teleport to a ward outside of enemy vision and R in) - R can also serve as an emergency nuke in trades - Rushing Tiamat = insane waveclear + added nuke for harass Follow Tiamat with a Cleaver and you will be winning trades immediately, assuming you were at least even with your enemy.
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