What in the heck is wrong with Plat IV

I swear, new Plat IV / Diamond IV is 10x worse than old P5 / D5 ever were. There are so many players at this divison that are so bad that I can't help but wonder how the heck they were able to attain their current rank, much less maintain it. My current theory is that they are able to scrape wins from the other blatantly boosted players since there are so many of them here. That meme of 3 normal guys and 7 r****ds feels like it's actually true in S9. Yes I will eventually climb. I come from D4 last season back when D5 existed. But it's super annoying and trash to play ranked now. Investing hundreds to thousands of games to climb isn't really worth it anymore. The cool border is removed, ranked armor looks trash, ranked splits are stupid, new runes are stupid (who thought Conqueror was a good idea?), new champions are stupid, they kill older champions with 2 items, 4000 dashes and 0 counterplay unless you pick something equally broken. People here play ADCs Mid AND Top when we have no tanks and are full AD. Too many players have 0 knowledge of itemization, macro and team compositions (cause boost). Mentality is all silver (because they probably are). Somebody gave 1st blood? 'GG 15'. Take 1 cs? Spam pings, afks at tower. Died for the fourth time going in 1v3? 'A summoner has disconnected'. 4/13? No problem, let's not build a single defensive item all game. Ranked needs a hard reset to get rid of these idiots who clearly don't belong at this elo. At least they'll have to pay for a boosting service and maybe get caught and banned (but I wouldn't count on it). People have been saying 'we need a reset' every season but Riot's clearly moving on to TFT. Yes, go on and meme me with the typical 'git gud', 'be less toxic' stupid answers that don't fix anything. I've tried /fullmute all, typing 0 in the chat. It's marginally better, but not enough. God d*mn
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